TECHNOTRON is a One Day ISTE Carnival organized by SFIT-ISTE, a student Chapter of St. Francis Institute of Technology, Borivali (W). SFIT-ISTE is known for organizing various Technical Seminars, Workshops, Industrial visits and many more. And now for the first time in the history of SFIT, ISTE presents TECHNOTRON. It is going to be conducted on 3rd of September, 2016. TECHNOTRON consists of various Technical events and Exhibitions displaying Technical Excellence. The events in TECHNOTRON are planned to test Leadership Quality, Management Skills, Technical knowledge, Team building, Pressure Handling, etc. It’s a Carnival filled with awesome fun fair activities, games, challenges, Exhibitions and much more.


Don't touch the wire

You have to pass the loop without touching the wire within 5 minutes. If you touch the wire in between you have to restart the game and only 3 chance will be given to you.

In case you wish to continue after 3 chances or 5 minutes pay 10Rs and continue the game..

Diffuse the bomb

It is a time bomb and it can be diffused using a 4 digit code. Enter the code and the lit LEDs go off ie bomb is diffused but if wrong code is entered then buzzer goes off ie BOOM, you are dead.

The code can be number code or a colour code. (switches and cutting wire)

Robo maze

It starts with a maze. Player have to drive their bot finding the way through the maze finally they have to climb an elevated platform by carefully driving the bot on two rails.

The platform is in the centre and the mazes are on either side , the one who reaches the platform first wins!!


The topics will be announced one day prior to the event. Out of the topics given one topic will be given to the team in the form of chits.The winner of every slot will be moving to the bonus/semifinal round where topic will be given on the spot.

On the spot registration is available.

Minute to win it

Finish the given task and secure your position

Treasure Hunt

Clues will be in the form of riddles or puzzles or any technical clues. Solve the clue to reach to the next destination. 3 levels.

The first group to find the treasure is the winner.

10,000 Brains

_A stage to swap cash with brains_

The Only Stop for intelligent brains who search for some brain craving quizes! A proper spot to test your analytics, logistics, judgmental skills, basic reasoning and various other brain enhancing skills!

_10000Brains_ is the exact event designed for each and everyone who want to showcase their intellects and swap the same with huge Cash Prize of *10000* Just answer 20 Questions in 30Mins and take away such amazing.

Laser Tag

This is fun event.
Unleash your enemy team by laser guns and you will be the KING.

Scrabble Words

Words are to be formed revelent to technical.

Think Smart


You have to apply all the trick and solve the questions

Capture The Moment

Capture moment of the event

Film Maker

Capture best moment or fun clip and prepare short film on whole events.


The game will comprise of 3 stages. The First Stage is Google Graphs. Fun round people will battle out for the most trending thing on the internet.
The Second Stage is LOCK AND LOADED. The teams will be quized on a lot of questions based on world events,GK,movies,tv series etc.
The Third Stage is the RUNNING MAN. the winners from the previous stages will enter this stage and will try to eliminate each other by ripping off the NAMETAGS which are on their BACK.

In the end only one will win.


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