Technical magazine of SFIT

The long term growth and sustainability of any Engineering Institute depends on the enthusiasm, dedication and attitude of its staff and students to interact and share their knowledge and expertise freely.

Launching of “Sanshodhan”, the technical magazine of SFIT in May 2006, first and only of its kind by any engineering Institute in Mumbai University, was a major step to encourage and help young minds of staff and students to give shape to their scientific imagination.

“Sanshodhan” the name given to this magazine implies a set of systematic and disciplined actions that an education institute can take to obtain greatest value from the knowledge available to it. There is a need today in a knowledge based society to combine research with academics as part and parcel of curriculum itself.

“Sanshodhan” is primarily meant for publishing the research papers and technical articles written by the Faculty and students of SFIT. It makes all the papers of the SFIT faculty and students at one place. It also includes the reprinting of the papers published in outside journals and presented in conferences. The papers are arranged in the following order. Papers published in the International Journals, National Journals, Papers presented/accepted for presentation in International Conferences, national Conferences, other articles such as Tutorial papers, Corrections to the previous papers published, and Letter-to-the Editor.

In addition to these, some general information about SFIT in the form of news, list of papers published by the faculty, list of faculty pursuing higher education such as M Tech / ME / MSc,/ PhD, new additions to the library, courses/seminar/Workshops/STTP/FIP conducted/attended by the faculty, appear regularly.

To encourage and motivate the authors, Institute has ear-marked sufficient prize amount to be given for the best two papers appeared in each issue.

Guidelines for determining best article awards in Sanshodhan - Click Here

The details of issues which were brought out in the past are as under-

Issue No Year Chief Editor
I May 2006 Prof. Rajiv Gupta
II May 2007 Prof Dr T S Rathore
III March 2008 Prof Dr T S Rathore
IV December 2008 Prof Dr T S Rathore
V March 2010 Ms Kamal Shah
VI September 2011 Prof Dr T S Rathore
VII September 2012 Prof Dr T S Rathore
VIII September 2013 Prof Dr T S Rathore
IX September 2014 Prof Dr T S Rathore
X September 2015 Editorial Board:
  Dr.Udaypandit Khot
  Dr.Kavita Sonawane
  Mr.Vaqar Ansari
XI September 2016
Pdf of Sanshodhan-XI
Editorial Board:
  Dr. Udaypandit Khot
  Dr.Sincy George
  Mr.Vaqar Ansari
  Mr. Stefen Rosario
  Mr. Swapnil Samant

* Copies of all the previous issues of “Sanshodhan” are available in reference section of SFIT central library.