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Laboratory Name


Analog and Digital Electronics Lab.

501 - B

Basic Electronic Lab.

509 - B

Signal Processing Lab.


Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab.


Research Lab.


Microwave and Antenna Lab.


Communication Systems Lab.


Control and Instrumentation Lab.


VLSI and Simulation  Lab.

709 A

Microprocessor and Embedded system Lab. 

709 B


Name of the Lab: Analog and Digital Electronics Lab.
Location: Room No.501B.
Utilization: Sem III, V, VII and VIII
Resources: 16 computers with Xilinx and Scilab,circuit maker,Express PCB, CRO, Power Supply, Function Generator, IC tester, Decade boxes, DMM and DSO.

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Name of the Lab: Basic Electronic Lab.
Location    : Room No.509 B
Utilization:  Sem. III, IV, V and VI.
Resources: Function generator, CRO, Dual power supply, DMM, 10 Computers with OSCAD and Scilab, circuit maker,Express PCB.

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Name of the LabSignal Processing Lab.
Location    : Room No. 602.
Utilization: Sem V, VI, VII and VIII.
Resources: 18 Computers with MATLAB and Scilab.

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Name of the LabBasic Electrical and Electronics Lab.
Location    : Room No. 603.
Utilization: Sem I ,VI and VIII
Resources: CRO, Function Generator, Power supply ,Digital Multimeter ,Decade Boxes, Variac- 3 Phase Capacity,3 Phase Lamp Load. TV Trainer kit.

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Name of the LabResearch Lab. 
Location    : Room No 609. 
Utilization : Sem VII and  VIII 
Resources  : 28 Computers

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Name of the Lab: Microwave & Antenna Lab. 
Location    : Room No 610 
Utilization: Sem V, VI, VII and VIII 
Resources: 12 Computers with NS2, Microwave bench, Spectrum Analyzer, Antenna lab, RF Modules, VNA, Printer.

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Name of the Lab: Communication Systems Lab. 
Location    : Room No 611 A
Utilization: Sem V, VI, VII and VIII
Resources: 10 Computers with MATLAB and Cisco packet Tracer,Wirshark,, Printer, Satellite Trainer Kit, Communication trainer Kit.

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ame of the Lab: Control and Instrumentation  Lab. 
Location    : Room No 611B 
Utilization : Sem III , V,VII and VIII
Resources  : 10 Computers with Cisco packet Tracer, CRO, Function Generator, Power supply, Digital Multimeter, DSO, Fiber Optic Kit, ACOM Kit, Transducer Trainer Kit.

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Name of the Lab: -VLSI and Simulation Lab 
Location    : Room No 709A 
Utilization: Sem IV,V, VII and VIII
Resources  : 24 Computers with Microwind,LTspice,Circuit maker and Scilab, Web Cam.

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Name of the Lab: Microprocessor and Embedded system Lab 
Location    : Room No 709B 
Utilization: Sem IV ,V,VI, VII and VIII
Resources  : 24 Computers with PSoc Creator, NMAP, Wireshark, Proteus, TASM, Keil IDE(C51,MDK),Cisco packet Tracer, CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, Digital Multimeter, Microprocessor Kits, Printer .

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