National Service Scheme


College level Activities

  1. Tree Plantation Campaign at SFIT
    • Date: July 23rd,2016
    • Venue: St. Francis Insititute of Technology Campus, Borivali (W)
    • No. of Participants: 35 (25 NSS Volunteers)
    • Objectives:
      1. To promote the protection of environments.
      2. Aiming to create environmental awareness among the students.
      3. To support the Go- Green SFIT Campaign initiated by our NSS Volunteers last year

    The plantation started at around 9:30am and went on till 12:30pm. The first sapling was planted by Bro. Melchior Tom, Director, St. Francis Institute of Technology and Mr. Santhosh Shetty, SFIT Alumni also, Paul Fernandes, The NSS Programme Officer. The total of 55 saplings was planted. We had 5 varieties of saplings like Almond (Badam)-12, Black plum (Jamun)-20, Apta (Sona)-15 and Mango (Aam)- 8. The NSS Volunteers exhorted to take care of the planted saplings. Shreya Hunur and Amit Pathare coordinated the event.

  2. Cleanup drive in college campus
    • Date: August 15th, 2016
    • Venue: St. Francis Insititute of Technology Campus, Borivali (W)
    • No. of Participants: 77 NSS Volunteers
    • Objectives:
      1. To uphold the dignity of labour
      2. To clean up the surroundings of SFIT
      3. To make the SFIT campus a plastic free zone

    The Deputy Director Br. Jose K. was the chief guest. The clean up drive started after the flag hoisting ceremony. The whole area was divided into four zones such as main entrance, the play ground, the workshop area and the parking area. The four NSS volunteers namely Shruthi Thumar, Gaurang Date, Pranav Lohare and Vikram Kudva took up the responsibility of coordinating the clean up. Gloves and masks were distributed to the volunteers and they set out for cleaning their respective zones. The major task was to weed out the weeds and for many of the volunteers it was first time experience. The weeds collected were dumped under the coconut trees to decompose and to be turned into manure. They also collected the plastic bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles and pieces from the premises, specially from the workshop area. This was placed in the municipal garbage bins.

  3. SPICE Leadership Workshop at SFIT
    • Date: August 20th, 2016
    • Time: 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
    • Venue: Assembly Hall, St. Francis Institute of Technology, Borivali (W)
    • Resource Person: Mr. Gaurav Karkhanis, SFIT Alumni
    • Organized by: SFIT NSS Unit
    • No. of Participants: 49 NSS Volunteers
    • Objectives:
      1. To develop Social, Physical, Intellectual, Community and Emotional (SPICE) leadership qualities NSS Volunteers
      2. To encourage them to be Thought Leaders and Action Leaders

    The Resource Person Mr. Gaurav Karkhanis, began the workshop by giving input on what SPICE meant and what impact it can have if we are equipped with all the indicators such as Social, Physical, Intellectual, Community and Emotional (SPICE). Six groups were formed of the participant and they were asked to come up with a creative solution for social welfare with their engineering skills. This activity helped them to work together as a team, exchange ideas and come up with democratic decision making. Six unique solutions for different social problems were brought out. Each group representative presented their concerning solution with the help of chart. The voting was done to select the most practical and implementable solution of all. The details of the solutions and number of votes are as follows:

    Group No. Title Group Members Votes Received
    1 EOEO- Each One Educate One Akshay, Anuj, Monesha, Sharviz and Soham 20
    2 “Futuri Stick” Self Navigating Stick for Blind Dhaval, Kimberley, Manan, Marica, Ojaswini, Priyam and Vikram 16
    3 “Right Riders”- Helmet- To make India Safe India Amit Pathare, Manoj Molankar, Mihir Parikh, Madhura, Ajay, Godwin, Shruti 12
    4 “The Third World” – Including Transgenders in Society Apurva Naik, Ashwini Balakrishnan, Devashri Shinde, Meghna Pillai, Reuel Lemos, Vidisha Anchan and Vishesh Mishra 10
    5 “Live Love Donate”- Donate Stem Cell, Get a chance to save someone’s life - 10
    6 “Social Innovators”- Smart Infrastructure, Transportation to bridge the Rural –Urban Gap - 05

  4. Orientation NSS 2016-17
    • Date: August 27th, 2016
    • Venue: Room No. 411, St. Francis Insititute of Technology, Borivali (W)
    • Time: 11:15 am-1:15 pm
    • Resource Person: Dr. Ketan Rawal, DC Western District, Mumbai University
    • No. of Participants: NSS Volunteers (Second Year)
    • Objectives:
      1. To explain to the volunteers the NSS objectives, Motto, Symbol and the badge
      2. To make the volunteers aware of the proper functioning of NSS
      3. To explain to the volunteers various types of activities

    The process had three parts. In the first part the Head girl Shreya Hunur and Head boy Nihaar Shah addressed the new volunteers and welcomed them. They also briefed them about the leadership camp they just completed. Then we had Soham Thaker, Camp Coordinator (NSS Camp, Bhaliwali Village) informing the volunteers about the camp plan, implementation and the experience. Sumeet Sharma , from Website Committee explained about the SFIT NSS website creation and its maintenance.

  5. A Debate on Swachh Bharat: Dream or Reality
    • Date: August 31st, 2016
    • Venue: St. Francis Insititute of Technology Campus, Borivali (W)
    • No. of Participants: 350 Students of First Year
    • Organizers: 40 NSS Volunteers
    • Objectives:
      1. To create awareness among the students about Mission Swachh Bharat
      2. To take steps to make Swachh Bharat a reality

    About 365 students participated in the debate on Swachh Bharat, a dream or possibility. Both the views were very strongly presented. The speakers who supported the proposal of clean India a reality said that the steps have already been taken and all of us have to play a role to make our surroundings a better place to live. They gave examples of some ideal places like Ralegaan Siddhi, Hivre Bazaar gaon which have won awards for their cleanliness and sustainability. The speakers who spoke against the proposal said that clean India will remain a dream until we have the mindset of littering. There is a need of attitudinal change. The views expressed by the speakers made every one realize where we are in terms of cleanliness and to take up the challenge to achieve our mission of clean India. At the end of the debate all the participants took the swachhta pledge where they pledged that they will be devoting 100 hours in a year towards the mission of clean India.

  6. SPICE: Sponsorship Strategy at SFIT
    • Date: September 21st, 2016
    • Venue: Room No. 411, SFIT
    • Organized by: SFIT NSS Unit
    • No. of Participants: 20 Students of SFIT
    • Objectives:
      1. To encourage and guide students with methodologies to go for sponsorship
      2. To help students in the strategy to go for sponsorship

    The resource person Mr. Sanket Prabhu, Ex-HSBC Vice president and SFIT alumni began the session with asking students ideas about the sponsorship. Then he began with the course of the seminar which was as follows:

    • Understanding the WHY of your event
    • Identifying WHOM to approach for the sponsorship
    • Identifying WHEN to pitch to maximize your chance of success
    • Understanding WHAT is your value proposition
    • Pitching to Win: HOW will you articulate your value proposition
    • SUPER STRATEGY: HOW to create the MOST compelling offer
    The session went on very well. Students clarified their doubts. He also mentioned that he will be available for future guidance if required.

  7. Blood Donation Drive and Thalassemia Screening
    • Date: 27th September, 2016
    • Venue: Assembly Hall, St. Francis Insititute of Technology Campus, Borivali (W)
    • Organized by: SFIT NSS Unit, SFIT SRC and Galvanie
    • Objectives:
      1. To encourage students of SFIT to donate blood and spreading awareness regarding it as it is the need of the time
      2. To aware students about thalassemia

    The blood donation was organized by NSS and SRC SFIT in collaboration with Bhagwati Municipal General Hospital, Borivali, Mumbai and Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai. The blood donation preparations started at 8 a.m. as soon as volunteers gathered. The hospital staff arrived at 9.15 a.m. with the required equipment. A Tulsi plant was offered as a symbol to the head representatives of respective hospital. The blood donation started at 10.15 a.m. and went on till 4.30 p.m. The Thalassemia Screening was started along with blood donation. It was conducted in collaboration with Think Foundation. A total of 398 students went on for the Screening.

    No. of Blood Donors 288
    No. of Students participated in Thalassemia Screening 398
  8. Road Safety Workshop
    • Date: 20th January, 2017
    • Venue: SFIT Class room no 611.
    • Organized by: SFIT NSS Unit and SFIT SRC
    • Resource Person: Vinayak Joshi, RTO Borivali.
    • No. og Participants: 58
    • Department CMPN IT EXTC
      No. of Volunteers 21 15 22
    • Objectives:
      1. To learn the rules and regulations of Road safety
      2. To create awareness about road safety

    Mr. Vinayak Joshi began the session with simple and interactive questions regarding the the traffic rules and symbols. A video was shown on the causes for frequently occurring accidents and its major concerns were explained. The session continued by giving tips for avoiding the causes like keeping oneself calm while driving, avoid overtaking and making proper decisions while on road for the safety and betterment of oneself and others.

    Overall the session was very significant towards learning and we were glad to have Mr. Vinayak Joshi giving his valuable time and sharing his knowledge and experiences.

  9. Counseling Seminar by MDRI (Marrow Donor Registry of India)
    • Date: 22nd February, 2017
    • Time: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
    • Venue: Assembly Hall, SFIT
    • Organized by: SFIT NSS Unit and SFIT SRC
    • No. og Participants: 80
    • Department CMPN IT EXTC
      No. of Volunteers 23 28 29
    • Objectives:
      1. To raise awareness about the necessity of Marrow Donation in India
      2. To clarify doubts concerning Marrow Donation

    Students participated in the counseling session conducted by Dr. Praveen Clement of the MDRI. The main focus of this seminar was to emphasize on the importance of Marrow Donation in India. The registration and donation processes were explained to the students. Doubts concerning the same were also clarified. Consent forms were given out to all students willing to register for Marrow Donation.

  10. Donor Registration Drive by MDRI
    • Date: 27th February, 2017
    • Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
    • Venue: Assembly Hall, SFIT
    • Organized by: SFIT NSS Unit and SFIT SRC
    • No. og Participants: 199
    • Department CMPN IT EXTC
      No. of Donors 56 64 79
    • Objectives:
      1. Provide an opportunity to students of SFIT to register for Bone Marrow Donation

    The registration process consisted of writing the name of the donor on the form provided by MDRI after which a blood sample was taken from the donor to form a database of the blood samples available for future donation. Refreshments were provided to the donors after the blood samples were collected. A total of 199 students were registered by MDRI.

    Community level Activities

    1. Visit to ShanthiDaan
      • Date: July 30th,2016
      • Time: 10:00 am-1:00 pm
      • Venue: Shantidaan, Borivali (W)
      • No. of Participants: 55 NSS Volunteers
      • Objectives:
        1. To socialize with the members of Shanti Daan.
        2. To connect the college to community.
        3. To sensitize the students about the issues of the abandoned.

      About 55 NSS Volunteers visited ShantiDaan on 30th July 2016. It is their first visit to their adopted community of the academic year 2016-17. Bro. Swasti, Head of ShanthiDaan welcomed the volunteers and oriented them about the centre. The volunteers in no time mingled with the members and were talking to them and playing with them. They encouraged the children in activities like drawing and playing. The elderly shared their memories and experiences. The volunteers were encouraged by the very sight of the members and their courage to continue in life. The volunteers also gave a helping hand to feed the members as many of them are physically challenged. The volunteers felt the need of spending time with the members of Shanti Daan and would like to adopt it for their regular activities. The members need socialization and visits of people to the centre gives them joy and confidence. They suggested that we need to help them in terms of donating some of hygiene and cleanliness materials. They felt that the members there have the right for entertainment and sports and by adopting such a place will give them an opportunity to bring about social change. They spent about 3 hours in ShanthiDaan.

      Future Plans:
      A Health and Hygiene campaign will be organized in the second week of September where the NSS volunteers and SRC members will create awareness on Health, Hygiene and Cleanliness at ShanthiDaan. A donation Drive will be organized to collect materials of Health and Hygiene and thus collected materials will be donated to the members of ShanthiDaan.

    2. Awareness on Hygeine, Cleanliness and Health/Dengue and Malaria
      • Date: August 13th, 2016
      • Venue:
        • Shivaji nagar chawl, Borivali (W)
        • Sheetal Nagar, Borivali (W)
        • Slums behind SFIT
        • Borivali Railway Station
      • No. of Participants: 24 NSS 2nd Year Volunteers
      • Objectives:
        1. To spread out the awareness about Cleanliness and Hygiene
        2. To make people aware of the symptoms and preventive methods of dengue and malaria
        3. To impart the knowledge of Do’s and Don’ts in order to keep the living places clean and hygienic.

      The NSS volunteers were divided in 3 groups and started preparing handouts and posters. The handouts were in English, Hindi & Marathi and had a lot of images and symbols so that everyone can also understand what it is all about. The volunteers then preceeded to their selected areas. The people took interest to know about the clean India Campaign and about health problems due to uncleanliness. The objectives of the programme were achieved and the volunteers felt that they need more such programmes to help the people to lead a clean, healthy and hygienic life. The efforts taken to create such an awareness program was appreciated by the people.

      • Date: September 17th,2016
      • Time: 7:45 am-12:00 pm
      • Venue: Versova Jetty Beach, Andheri
      • Organized By: SFIT NSS Unit in collaboration with Versova Resident Volunteers and Maharashtra Maritime Board
      • No. of Participants: 75 NSS Volunteers
      • Objectives:
        1. To celebrate the Inernatinal Coastal Clean up Day and patronize Swach Bharat Abhiyaan
        2. To encourage our students to take an active role in the preservation and cleaning up of the ocean
        3. To help maintain beaches clean and trash free

      To mark the International Coastal Clean up Day, SFIT NSS Volunteers in collaboration with Versova Resident Volunteers and Maharashtra Maritime Board, Mumbai participated in a mega clean up drive. At 7:45am NSS Volunteers assembled at the Versova Jetty Beach. After the initial welcome and introduction by the Maharashtra Maritime Board, the gloves and masks were distributed. The volunteers proceeded to the beach and there they were provided the cleaning materials like spade, shovels and bin bags and tubs. The students were assigned spots to be cleaned. They picked garbage of all kinds and later segregated them and transferred them onto tractors carrying wet and dry waste. The cleanliness drive went on up to 11:30am after which refreshments were served to all.

    4. Visit to Anmol Home
      • Date: November 12th, 2016
      • Time: 11:00 am-1:30 pm
      • Venue: Anmol Home, Mira Road (E)
      • No. of Participants: 17 NSS Volunteers
      • Objectives:
        1. Interaction with the kids in the orphanage for upcoming occasion of Children’s Day
        2. Spending time and rendering help in whatever possible ways we could, to make them happy
      Department CMPN IT EXTC
      No. of Volunteers 10 3 4

      Anmol Home is a Child Care Institution in Thane working for children’s welfare. The event began introducing the children to the volunteers by their caretaker. Then it was followed by “Passing-the-parcel” game where the small children participated actively and showcased their talents enthusiastically. The winner of the game was felicitated. Then there was dance where even the volunteers joined the kids. After that snacks and cold-drinks were distributed. Followed by, it was a “Drawing competition” where even elder girls studying in 7th - 10th standard participated with the smaller ones. Everyone participated enthusiastically and they're filled with joy to have the volunteers visiting and spending time with them. The first three winners were felicitated. Also some books were donated by NSS-SFIT. The caretaker of the institution Mr. John Abraham thanked the volunteers for visiting the institution. This visit was concluded by a vote of thanks given by our volunteer, addressing the caretaker and the children.

    5. Human chain for road safety awareness
      • Date: 22nd January, 2017
      • Venue: S.V. Road, Borivali (W)
      • No. og Volunteers: 44
      • Department CMPN IT EXTC
        No. of Volunteers 15 11 18
      • Objectives:
        1. Creating awareness about traffic rules and road safety amongst school and college students as well as general public

      The event began at 3 pm where the volunteers were assembled at Kora Kendra, Borivali (W). It was the starting point of Human Chain was formed guided by the BrahmaKumari volunteers. Slogans were prepared and sung by the volunteers to address the problem of road safety and the chain proceeded ahead. The chain was a symbol of unity and to address the general public regarding the same.

    6. Cleanliness Drive at Borivali Station
      • Date: 26th January, 2017
      • Venue: Borivali Station
      • Time: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
      • No. of Participants: 65
      • Department CMPN IT EXTC
        No. of Volunteers 24 17 25
      • Objectives:
        1. To make people aware about Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
        2. Cleaning of the entire Borivali station vicinity

      The event began by singing the national anthem by the volunteers and the station officials which was followed by an introductory speech by our NSS Programme Officer. The event continued with the skit performed by the group of volunteers at the main entrance of the platform where the main objective was to make people realise the significance of cleanliness.

      Then the volunteers were allocated their respective areas and they proceeded there with the cleaning materials. The awareness skit was performed by the volunteers at different areas of the station to emphasise on our objectives and spread awareness. The cleanliness drive ended at around 1 pm. Refreshments were provided to all at the end of the drive.

      University level Activities

      1. Mumbai University Foundation Day: “The 159th Anniversary”
        • Date: July 18th,2016
        • Venue: Mumbai University, Kalina Campus, Santacruz, Mumbai
        • No. of Participants: 8 NSS Volunteers
        • Objectives:
          1. To celebrate the University Foundation day
          2. To gain knowledge and information about Mumbai university

        The dignitaries present to mark the occasion were Hon’ Sir Vinod Tavde, Education and Cultural minister and Hon’ Sir Sanjay Deshmukh, Vice chancellor arrived at the venue and interacted with the NSS volunteers. The Flag hoisting was done by Hon’ Sir Vinod Tavde. The flag was hoisted on one of the tallest pole in Mumbai measuring 150ft. The flag hoisting was followed by a stage program where the scholars and achievers in various fields were awarded. They also gave information about the different curriculum of The Mumbai University and also about the new schemes for the underprivileged being initiated. The program ended around 5:30 pm with The National Anthem.

      2. Walkathon
        • Date: August 30th,2016
        • Time: 7:00 am-10:00 am
        • Venue: Nariman Point, Mumbai
        • Organized by: University Of Mumbai.
        • No. of Participants: 8 NSS Volunteers
        • Objectives:
          1. To spread awareness about organ donation and to eradicate misconceptions related to it.
          2. To encourage students to sign up for organ donation.

        The Walkathon was organized by University of Mumbai and Government of Maharashtra. The walkathon started at sharp 7:00 am as soon as Mr.Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra arrived accompanied by Mr. Ch Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra and many other dignitaries. After addressing the gathered volunteers at Nariman point the chief minister flagged off the walkathon. Thousands of people volunteered for walkathon including various NSS as well other NGOs and Hospitals to spread the message of organ donation and to remove any misconceptions regarding organ donation. Slogans such as “Avayav Daan Shrestha Daan” and “One Organ can Save 8 Lives” were chanted by the volunteers. The walkathon started from Nariman Point at 7:00 am and concluded at Marine Drive at 10:00 am with great enthusiasm shown by the volunteers to pledge there organs in order to serve the society even after their death.

      3. Run for Unity
        • Date: October 31st,2016
        • Time: 6:00 am-11:00 am
        • Venue: Marine Lines, Mumbai
        • No. of Participants: 8 NSS Volunteers
        • Department IT CMPN EXTC
          Total 2 4 2
        • Objectives:
          1. To celebrate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
          2. To promote unity among citizens of India.

        8 NSS volunteers gathered at the Air India building, Churchgate around 6:30 am. T-shirts and caps were provided to all present NSS members. The dignitaries such as Hon’ Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and a few other ministers arrived at the venue and interacted with the NSS volunteers. A speech which specified the reasons for the event being held was given before the run began. The Hon’ Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis took an oath along with all the present NSS members. The run was flagged off after the oath. Running in the front were three volunteers, holding the Indian National flag. The remaining NSS members followed them.The program ended around 9:30 am. Refreshments were served and the volunteer dispersed around 10:00 am.