Dean Student Affairs

Roles and Responsibilities of Dean Student Affairs

Position Title: Dean Students Affairs
Supervisor: Principal and Director of the College
Classification: Management


Under the direction of the Principal and Director, the Dean Student Affairs is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive environment and culture that synthesizes the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of students in a holistic way.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Co-Curricular Activities/Overall development of the Student:

1. Responsible to enhance learning and development of students outside the classroom.

2. Responsible to supervise activities of student Council, students Chapter and other students’ groups.

3. Coordinates with Training and Placement Officer, Head of Departments, Event Co-ordinators (like Mosaic / IRIS), Class Coordinators, other staff, Student council and student groups in developing extracurricular programmes, assuring integration with the academic life of the institution and encouraging student personal growth and development.

4. Oversees all nonacademic programs and activities of the students in college, including student activities, athletics, recreation, food service and student housing. Specially, to ensure that all extracurricular program aligns with the mission and educational goals of the college.

5. Manages departments that provide student learning and development opportunities: Community Service and Outreach, Student Activities, Athletics, Residential Services, Intramural and Recreation, and Student Leadership.

6. To supervise all aspects of the planning, funding, coordinating of students events and evaluate the programs with respect to the activities, attendance issues, students assigned areas of responsibility, expenditure, accounting and related reports.

B. Personal development of the Student:

1. Deal effectively, empathetically, diplomatically and fairly with students and provide direction and assistance wherever a need for improvement is identified.

2. Helps establish a student culture where diversity is encouraged and where students learn to respect differences, take responsibility for their actions, and exercise leadership.

3. Fostering a constructive interaction, and developing brother-like relationships among students, as well as strengthening students’ interaction and cooperation with teaching staff members and all the college personnel.

4. Responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and regulations pertaining to student life, especially those related to alcohol and drug usage and student conduct, in consultation with the Management.

C. Channel between Management, Staff and Student Community

1. To manage the students’ activities according to the policies implemented by the management and ensure that policies and procedures are communicated effectively to the student community.

2. Evaluates operations and programs in light of changing needs, competitive services, and current best practices to assure quality and relevance.

3. Oversees annual preparations of the Student Handbook which gives guidelines and code of conduct.

4. Manages program and staff- related complaints, resolves student complaints, problems, and conflicts; applies and explains laws, regulations, advises student groups and counsels students.

5. Chairing the committees for investigation into any offence committed by students on campus, or in the external activities organized by the college.

6. Provide platform to discuss student grievances which involve infrastructure, academic and non-academics facility.

7. Analyze and manage to resolve the grievances in coordination with the concerned person or Principal/Director.

8. To organize students activities with the management/coordination of discipline/cultural/ sports /attendance committee.

Overall responsibility of the Dean Student Affairs is to serve as a liaison between students, staff, management and the external community for the benefit of all the stake-holders.


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